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About Us

LPKF d.o.o. started to write its history in year 1994. Our driving gear was a vision of a stable and successful company that would be able to identify important trends and satisfy the needs on the fast growing microelectronics market.

Today, LPKF d.o.o. has nearly 100 employees. Our mission is reflected in PCB, SMT and Laser programmes. SMT programme includes pneumatic and mechanical stretching frames. Laser programme includes laser systems for laser cutting of metal SMT stencils, engraving and marking, as well as inspection systems for scanning all types of stencils.

LPKF is certainly a reputable international company that is actively presented on main international markets. Our priority task is to guarantee constant and unchangeable quality of our products and services at all times. Tradition and experience help us get this task done with excellence.

LPKF is deeply committed to continuous development of products and services. We dedicate ourselves to customer’s wishes, needs and demands. Our professional team is always happy to help customers to achieve their aims.


Knowledge and flexibility

Our knowledge and flexibility are of essential meaning for our rapid response on all demands of the contemporary market. We know how to engage with challenges, no matter how pretentious they are. LPKF is always in the proper place at the right time with the right solution.

Partnership and confidence

LPKF d.o.o. employees put all their energy in good relations with customers, partners, suppliers, owners and the business environment. We are well aware how important an open and constructive dialogue is. Ability of conformation, high ethical standards and reverence for all cooperatives make us the best in our field.

Quality and effectiveness

LPKF d.o.o. reaches and improves quality on all levels of its business.

We understand the importance of customer’s satisfaction and its close link to quality products and services. High quality procedures in all fields of economic operations have gained the company the ISO 9001 accreditation. Employees at LPKF believe that the objectives should be reached through systems of quality assurance. We are doing our best to keep the excellence of the company also in the future.

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