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How to select ZelFlex frame?

First of all, you need to know clamping possibilities of your printer, its maximum required print area and squeegee width. Important data is also required print stroke, usually you need to calculate some additional space for squeegee to stop and turn back. According to this data, we can define minimum inner area of the frame. Upon this we add 100mm and get outer dimensions. Upon this outer dimension we search for nearest available size of ZelFlex frame. As long these dimensions are smaller than your printer capability for clamping frame, you can always select solution with adapters.

Why should I use ZelFlex Z4P frame with adapter?

Smaller stencils are usually cheaper and easier to maintain. As long as your printing area is smaller than supported full size from your printer, this is more convenient and cheaper for you.

What is the difference between square and rectangular frames?

Using square frames, you always have possibility to rotate the template for 90 degrees to hopefully optimize your printing results.

My printer has adjustable rails. How should I select my frame?

When you are using modern printer which can record printer size and adjust rails automatically you can select frame which fits best to your application. In case, that rails are manually adjustable you should take care about other frames you might use. If your customers provide you 29"x 29" frames then select also ZelFlex frames with adapters to same dimension. This will shorten your changeover time.

What is advantage of pneumatic frame against mechanical (spring loaded)?

There are several advantages. Most important are:

Do we need an constant air connection within the printer for ZelFlex frame?

No. Air supply is disconnected once stencil is tensioned.

What is autonomy of ZelFlex frame?

ZelFlex Z4P, ZelFlex Z4P slim and ZelFlex Protect frames can be used for at least 24h without supplying the air. ZelFlex QR only needs slight tightening every month.

Can I put ZelFlex frame together with stencil into washing system?

No, stencils need to be washed separately. Special washing frame is available, when your washing system does not provide you with a solution for frameless stencils.

The exception is ZelFlex Protect, where stencil can be washed together with the sub-frame.

Which are advantages of pneumatic frames against meshed or glued frames?

Each stencil at glued frames requires own frame and is mounted at a different angle to the frame. The mesh relaxes and the tension changes. The frame takes up a lot of storage space, old frames are epoxy and must be recycled.

The ZelFlex frame guarantees uniform tension all the time of use, stencils can be changed fast. Only one frame needs to be used for multiple projects, less storage space is needed and no recycling is required. 

Which are common terms for reusable stencil frames?

There are several terms which are used by producers. Most common ones are:



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