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ZelFlex Z4P & Slim

ZelFlex Z4PThe ZelFlex patented stretching system using compressed air enables perfect tensioning all across the working area. The air source is disconnected after placing the stencil onto the frame. Easy, fast and repetitive changing of stencils is provided by innovative perforation.

One of the greatest advantages of ZelFlex pneumatic frames is constant tensioning and therefore consistent and reliable print quality over time. With an advanced perforation and tensioning design, the optimum stretching force is guaranteed. Using different pressure levels various thicknesses of stencil can be used. ZelFlex frames also ensure lower production costs as only one frame is required per line and can be used for multiple projects. No special docking station is required to change the stencil.

The frame can be placed into printer and used for at least 24 hours without the need for air reconnection. Your production quality will be improved by excluding the risk of long term tension level decay which is presented at glued frames.

The LPKF ZelFlex Z4P is produced in several sizes, and with the use of various adapters will fit to most screen printers for mass production or prototyping. A fully automated procedure enables the production of custom-sized frames in short periods of time.

ZelFlex Z4P detail  ZelFlex Z4P detail  ZelFlex Z4P detail 

Main benefits

  • Perfect tensioning all over the stencil area
  • No air connection required while printing
  • Cost reduction
  • Compatibility with different printers
  • Short pay-off time
  • Royalty-free stencil production
  • Environmentally friendly

ZelFlex Z4P product range

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