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Measuring gauge

Integrated measuring gauge for the frame

Integrated measuring gauge is sometimes required for a follow-up of production parameters. It indicates actual pressure in the frame. The measuring gauge should be specified separately at order.

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Washing frame

LPKF ZelFlex washing frame

The LPKF ZelFlex washing frame is designed for easy and reliable clamping of stencils with ZelFlex perforation. The frame can be put or hung into a washing machine. Washing frame is available in two dimensions: the smaller LPKF ZelFlex washing frame 584x584 (23" x 23") and the larger LPKF ZelFlex 736x736 (29" x 29"). The smaller washing frame is suitable especially for stencils with ZelFlex Z4P perforation with frame width up to 584 mm (23") and frame length between 580 - 584 mm (20" - 23"). The larger washing frame (29" x 29") is adequate to stencils with Z4P perforation with frame width up to 610 mm (24") and frame length between 610 - 736 mm (24" - 29").

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Air supply unit

Air supply unit

Air supply unit is an option for air filtering and controlled filling of the LPKF ZelFlex frame, which is especially important for foils thinner than 150 µm. In addition to an air pressure regulator, it consists of a water separator, 5 µm filter and sliding valve for releasing air. The system can get clamped easily to the edge of a working table.

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Optional adapters provide further flexibility.

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