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ZelFlex QR

ZelFlex ZRMechanical stretching frame LPKF ZelFlex QR allows direct and quick clamping of milled polymer stencils and also metal SMT stencils. Optimal tension of stencil over the entire printing template surface is achieved by ZelFlex tension regulators. All necessary corrections of tension are possible as well afterwards, when the frame is already set up in printing machine. The adjustable rear bar provides a possibility of direct clamping of smaller and slimmer templates. This double-sided mechanical frame is especially suitable for smaller printers and it can be delivered in different dimensions.

These frames were designed to be used with LPKF ProtoPrint solder paste printers. Please see for more information at

Main benefits

  • cost effective and solution for almost every printing machine
  • direct clamping of milled polymer and metal SMT stencils
  • quick and simple exchange of stencils
  • equal tension of stencil over the entire template surface
  • no need for glues or lacquers
  • reduced use of cleaning solvents
  • gap printing is possible


ZelFlex QR product range

ZelFlex QR 266x380
Outer dimension 266 x 380 mm (10.5" x 15.0")
Inner dimension 214 x 270 mm (8.4" x 10.6")
Max print area 164 x 230 mm (6.5" x 9.1")
Max squeegge width 180 mm (7.1")
Foil dimension 214 x 310 mm (8.4" x 12.2")
ZelFlex QR 362x480
Outer dimension 362 x 480 mm (14.3" x 18.9")
Inner dimension 310 x 370 mm (12.2" x 14.6")
Max print area 260 x 330 mm (10.2" x 13.0")
Max squeegge width 280 mm (11.0")
Foil dimension 310 x 410 mm (12.2" x 16.1")
ZelFlex QR 406x508
Outer dimension 406 x 508 mm (16.0" x 20.0")
Inner dimension 354 x 398 mm (13.9" x 15.7")
Max print area 304 x 358 mm (12.0" x 14.1")
Max squeegge width 320 mm (12.6")
Foil dimension 354 x 438 mm (13.9" x 17.2")


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